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Energy and Vibration
Vibration as Energy
What I am going to talk about here is VIBRATION AS ENERGY and how it affects us and our money attraction. 
We know some things for sure: that we all have different amounts of energy or vibration frequencies and that we have different qualities of energy or vibration. 
What is also widely known today is that this quality depends very much on our own thoughts, inherited patterns and our inner mental and feeling world.
If, for example, we lack self-esteem or feel financially stuck and disappointed by money or life itself, we are vibrating at a lower level; we are not attracting money. 
 This tends to develop a negative inner dialogue.  This negative inner dialogue then further lowers our vibration of money attraction and this manifests on the material level with negative results.  So, no matter how much we seek to attract money or aim for success in anything; it remains out of reach leaving us frustrated and wondering why, until we raise our money vibration levels.  We are forgetting that it is our inner vibration world that ultimately attracts us toward or away from our financial goals and dreams.
Often as we work hard toward achieving a certain goal, whatever that maybe, and we seem to be doing all the right things to attract it on the outer level and in the material world, but the goal still eludes us.  We sit there annoyed and distressed wondering what went wrong.  We complain, sink into a depression and blame others and circumstances totally ignoring and forgetting about our inner vibration world...  The real world that we live in, our thought vibration, our inner dialogue, our intentions and attraction, our real secret desires all of which are controlled by our vibration level.
Truth of the matter is that everything that is visible in the physical world first has to be completed on the vibration thought level before it can attract and materialize in the physical world that we live in. Artists, architects, cooks, gardeners, writers and all creative people on any level know about this procedure. 
Here's a simple example: you cannot have a clear quality photograph without having the perfect negative first.  So the negative for our physical goal, the blueprint for attraction, has to be complete first on the vibration level.  The more detailed, clear and perfect our vibration is, the higher and stronger the  level of materialization will be, allowing it to manifest in the physical world.  Also - very important -  you must know what YOU really want and not what others want for you or what you think you should want.  For this you need to develop your imagination!
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Vibration Creates Matter
The law of vibration says that everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration. Everything, whether solid, liquid or gas is made up of energy and all forms of energy are constantly movi...
No matter how much of a show you put on of being positive to impress others or to fool yourself, if you have an inner negative vibration level, the outer will remain what it is - a fake.  You see, energy is vibration, and this negative vibration of your thoughts and feelings emanates from your every pore, whether you like it or not.  It is a low vibration level and will not help you in attracting money.  Your very aura that surrounds you will be colored with this negativity, visible to the few in dark colors, and definitely, felt by almost everyone you come in contact with because you will have a heavy energy around you.  According to the universal Law of Attraction, this negative vibration will attract only it’s like kind to you, namely more negativity and will repel everyone and everything else, away from you.
Quantum Physics on the vibrational thought level
I am very aware and support teachings of repeating affirmations and pretending “you're happy when you're blue” methods.  This is a process of learning which you will need to go through unless you change your vibration frequencies (this can be done through the vibrational money card for you)  attracting money to the new positive vibrational level that leads you toward peace and prosperity; causing a new love for life and all its’ vast possibilities. 
But do not despair, all is not lost, you can change your vibration level.  It is your life and you are the master of your life after all.  You have been given the gift of free choice.  Carry a Vibration Money Card with you, live healthy, eat healthy, exercise.  Raise your vibration of money level.  Let the vibration in the money card carry out this discipline for you.  You only need to ALLOW your achievable goals.  So you might be faking it now, but in time with the help of the vibration money Card, you will be a natural at attracting money and that's when you can expand your horizon to achieve your larger goals.             
Energetic dynamic people who have a high energy vibration level are considered sexy and attractive and people are drawn to them like bees to honey. Usually such people have a love for life itself and their attraction of people, money, and success are done effortlessly.  Having a low energy vibration will attract nothing but unhappiness, lack of love and lack of money to you.  So work on raising your vibration level, whether it is through meditation, affirmations or the Vibrational Money Card.  How you do that is your personal choice.   Do what feels best and is easy for you.  A higher vibration frequency is the answer.  Get excited!  Get enthusiastic!  Be passionate!  Be interested in the good stuff that can happen for you! In other words....
Start Attracting Money!
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