Vibrational Money  -      The science of attracting money
“I didn’t have any money to buy a dress for my Senior Prom until my friend let me borrow her Vibration Money Card.  Shortly after I was offered a babysitting job which paid me $150.00 – more than enough for my beautiful new prom dress plus a pair of new shoes to match!  After purchasing my own VMC I found a full time job and also received a grant to pay for college this fall.”  (J.H.,Sacramento)
“As a realtor, I was experiencing tough times so I bought a Vibration Money Card to see if it would help.  Shortly after, while working the floor, an investor who refurbishes and sells homes hired me to list a property, which I sold for him.  Several additional purchases and sales followed providing me with enough commissions to purchase VMC’s for all the disbelieving realtors in my office.” (T.S., Spokane)
I bought a Vibrational Money Card
“I bought a Vibration Money Card when I was filing for bankruptcy and dealing with the mortgage company to save my house.  Right away, I felt a peace of mind about the process, which allowed me to change the way I viewed the process.  The bankruptcy turned out to be a good thing.  It took away the burden of credit card debt, after which, I was able to negotiate a home loan modification that now makes my home affordable and worth owning.” (R.G., Sheridan)
“I purchased an old wooden boat for $100.00 just before I was laid off work, with the intent of restoring it.  Shortly after, I purchased a Vibration Money Card.  Well three days later someone offered me $800.00 for the boat.  With that money, I was able to buy new tires for my car which lead to finding a new job.  I plan to look for another boat now which I hope to restore.”  (L.R., Bakersfield)
 “When my husband died, I was left with enough money to supplement my social security.  I was bored but didn't want to return to the workforce so I purchased a Vibrational Money Card, hoping that I could find a way to have the money to travel and meet new people.  I then went to a travel agency and inquired about the cost of traveling to see if there were groups of women like myself who traveled together.  After receiving the card I knew I would find the money to travel.  Well I now work for that travel agency.  I got the job by telling them I would get a group of local widowed women to travel together.  I don't work full time because I am too busy traveling, but when I am home, I put together travel groups and always travel for free - with an added bonus for expenses!  The VMC gave me the courage to do something that I never thought I could do before.”  (C.M., Jackson)
"I was beginning to stress about bringing in enough money after relocating my business to another state.  I ordered a money card and the very afternoon I received it a woman who had inquired about my services earlier in the day but had decided not to use my services returned and not only did she purchase my services she decided to take one of my classes and has referred several clients to me. I have continued to increase business and no longer stress about bringing in new business." (E.H., Portland)
"I kept putting off purchasing a money card, partly because I was just to stressed out about money to take the time to purchase it.  My business is connected to construction and it had been several years since the business had made any money, it cost me more to keep up than I made.  After I finally purchased and received the card, my business has started to make money again.  I have had steady work since receiving the card."  (R.H., Cheyenne)
$17.95 + 2.95 S&H
“Since acquiring a Vibration Money Card we have had an attitude adjustment and are dedicated to spending money more wisely.  We now live with a sense of peace about money that we have not felt in twenty four years of marriage.”  (T.G. Grants)
“At my age (mid-fifties), jobs are hard to come by.  Skills and education don't seem to count much when employers consider the higher cost of health insurance for my age group.  I had taken early retirement knowing that if I didn't, I would be laid off.  I didn't have enough retirement to actually retire on and I was too young for social security but also too old to be hired.  My wife bought me a VMC for my birthday and I put it in my wallet to make her happy.  A week or so later, I began to notice a change in my attitude about my employment status and decided I would find a way to make my own job.  Since I’m good at fixing things, I called the city where I live to apply for a handyman's license.  I found I could do small, odd jobs for under $500.00 without a contractor’s license.  I then put an ad in the local paper, put up flyers at the Senior Citizens club and handed out cards to everyone I met.  Now, I love making my own hours and the money has been great.  It’s more than a supplement to the retirement money.  I feel like the VMC lifted my attitude from despair to feeling that I could do anything I want.  It also helped me be clear about what I really wanted without a boss telling me what to do and when to do it.” (R.J.M. Plymouth).
“I am a massage therapist in business for four years but I’m not making enough money to make ends meet.  I knew that my location was the problem but I could not afford the higher rent of a more prominent office space.  I purchased a Vibration Money Card just because I thought it would make me feel better about being broke.  However, once I received it, I became so excited about the possibility of making more money that I found myself daydreaming about better office space and the things I could afford with the higher income.  One day, while out on an errand, I saw a small commercial space with a “For Lease” sign adjacent to a large gym.  I was so excited I forgot that I could not afford rent in this area and I called the number on the sign.  Without considering my lack of funds, I was able to negotiate a long-term lease for that space on the condition that my first three months were free and I could move in with just the deposit.  As a result of that location, my net income has now tripled and I have hired two, additional massage therapist to keep up with all the business from the fitness enthusiast with aching muscles. I can charge more for my services here than I could in my old location and I’m now thinking about opening another facility in town.  I will never be without my VMC.” (D.F. Carson City).
I was on unemployment for almost two years
“I was on unemployment for almost two years after my employer outsourced my job to another country with a cheaper labor force.  Although my husband had a good state job, he had to take pay cuts and benefit cuts which led to filing a bankruptcy in order to keep our house.  Struggling to make ends meet, I became the “coupon queen” of the local super markets as we rationed our food, gas, and electricity.  My biggest splurge was for a Vibration Money Card, which I bought with great skepticism.  For the first few weeks, I thought I had wasted my money.  But then I realized I actually felt more hopeful about our finances and began to become totally enthusiastic about financial possibilities.  I decided to get creative about the way I was approaching employers.  With very few responses from about 500 internet applications;  I decided to run an ad in the newspaper with my picture and resume with a promise to anyone who hired me that I would work the first two weeks for free to prove my skills and dedication.  I only had enough money to run the ad once but it worked!  I got a decent paying job and the employer also insisted on paying me for the first two weeks because he liked my work so much!”
(D.F. Raliegh)

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