Vibrational Money  -      The science of attracting money
The Vibration of Money
The vibration of money
What Do We Mean by the Vibration of Money?
Money is just energy. It vibrates into existence at a certain emotional frequency the same as any other emotional energy.  To  expose yourself to the vibration of money is like tuning into the different frequencies of radio stations.
What differentiates one form of energy from another is the speed at which it vibrates.  You naturally attract what is in harmony with your state of being.  If you want to experience something different in your life, you must somehow change the signal you're putting out.  The true, actual signal you are emitting is a thought.   A thought is a frequency, a state of mind.  It is in everything you say and do.  The good news is, you can change your vibration of attracting money with the frequencies embedded into the Vibration Money Card.  By changing your vibration levels you will stir yourself to action.
Fears and Resistance about moneyFears and resistance about money are strong in our society, especially now in times of great economic distress.  
Such thoughts and feelings are not necessarily in direct proportion to the quantity of money an individual or organization has.  Those with considerable financial means often live with more fears and resistance about money than those with modest resources.
We tend to believe that the only way to generate more money is with money itself or something else that is tangible or physical.  In other words, there is a belief that we can only attract something "new" from something that is already attracted.  This is a false belief. This is a belief that is coming to the surface for humanity right now as our money and organizational systems are challenged.
The vibration of money in the Vibration Money Cards will change the signal you are emitting and thereby change what it is you are attracting. To create what you want in your life, in this case money and wealth, you must create strong vibration levels of money and wealth imprinted on the deeper part of your mind.  Everyone deserves to be rich; but those of us who live normal lives, in other words we aren't necessarily poor but we certainly can't be called rich, still have this feeling in the back of our minds that somehow it's wrong for us to attract money or be in a state of great wealth.  This is a totally wrong assumption.  When thoughts pass through your brain your brain cells vibrate sending off electromagnetic waves.  The more you raise the amplitude of these money vibrations, the more potent they become.  You can change this belief pattern with the vibration of money in the Vibration Money Cards. 
When we live in the vibrational level of abundance we know that we can create more of everything, releasing fears and resistance.  Each person will create in accordance with their personal desires.
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