Vibrational Money  -      The science of attracting money
6092011 TDeena Hubert, M.A., Holistic Health Practitioner

The purpose of the Vibrational Money Card is to bring your vibrational frequency in line with the vibrational frequency of money. 

The science of quantum physics shows that the entire universe is in a state of vibration and that each thing in the universe, including money, generates its own frequency. This is the fundamental principle of the Universe.  Existence is vibration.  Consciousness is vibration.  You have a vibrational frequency.  Money has a vibrational frequency.  These frequencies are what the money cards work with. 

 I learned in grade school science that a constant intake of a magnetic frequency (attraction) will magnetize an ordinary piece of metal.  Later, in studying Quantum science, I learned it is much the same with people.  If our consciousness is surrounded by or in contact with a vibration frequency, over time our bodies will absorb that frequency and then rebroadcast it out into the world through deeds and actions, which in turn attracts more of this frequency to us.  This is exactly how the vibration of money in the vibrational money cards is used in attracting abundance!
Vibrational Money Cards are individually magnetized, with a Bio-Meridian frequency generator, to permanently imprint the vibration signature that attracts money.  Thereby, raising a person’s vibrational level when they are carried or held over a period of time.  They are meant to be used for opening up a channel of energy that expands and attracts financial prosperity, wealth and success.
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The seeds of this scientific truth, as with all seeds, will take root!

The belief systems within our bodies, in the scientific language of Quantum Physics, are electrical and magnetic expressions formed of waves of energy (vibration frequencies of consciousness), which can be duplicated.  The waves are transmitted to our inner consciousness and then retransmitted out into the world to attract like energy. 
This is literally
a wonderfully powerful tool!

Precise fields of energy, as vibration frequencies, can alter our inner world changing our deepest beliefs... some people call them belief waves.

17-mountain-river All of nature is a frequency of vibration
Poverty has a frequency vibration
within the Law of Attraction
that can be changed

Vibration has powerful applications in life and can change the relationship you have with your world through attraction.  Using vibration, you can attract the wealth you want, making real your desired  financial experience.
This is so exciting!
 Knowing how to Make Change to our Consciousness through Vibration

These truths flooded my consciousness:  I had to act on the information in the science I studied and intuitively knew was correct.  Change is possible!  Everything is in vibration and, more importantly, current vibrations can be changed. 
Science shows that we are creating our life conditions through our vibrations and attraction.  It is in our best interest to steer our destiny in ways that can improve financial peace and prosperity....wealth.  This can be accomplished through the vibration in the vibrational money cards.  
 I began to share the vibration of attracting money. I watched as it made remarkable financial change for those with whom I shared it.  Yes, small miracles were happening and they began to add up!

How many times have you asked
for an easy answer to finding wealth

If you have done any research on the Law of Attraction or manifestation techniques and methods, you have come to realize that it is not easy to change core beliefs through our current thought patterns and be able to attract what you desire for your financial future.  The higher vibration of financial peace and wealth in the money cards is that extra boost that makes you capable of attracting what you desire for your financial future.

This Vibration simply allows you to vibrate at a higher level so that you may act on the opportunity your new money vibration level has attracted.  It allows you the power of change.
It is my passion to share this higher money vibration level with you.  We can actually be that which we want to be.  It all begins in what we are feeding this incredible instrument!  I am referring to your mind....  your consciousness.
Spread your Wings and Soar!
We are vibration

When you carry a Vibrational Money Card you will          notice how financial peace is changing the
circumstances that are surrounding you.  With a Vibrational Money Card you own the appropriate vibrations that attract the financial circumstances of wealth that are right for you.


You really can have it all!
$17.95 + 2.95 S&H
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